Galli, a “must try” Pastry in Milan…especially during Christmas Time

Galli's Marron Glacé
Galli pastry Milan

You probably wonder why I talk a lot about the Christmas period. Okay I admit it: I am “Christmas addicted”. I’m going crazy for the magic of Christmas. First of all, for what it means and then for the traditions that since centuries brings with it. Of course good food is one of these precious traditions. Especially here in Italy. You cannot imagine a “Christmas Time” without Galli’s marron glacées.

Galli's Pastries
Galli’s Pastries

This store has the best “marron-glacées” I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Award-winning company since 1911, pastry Giovanni Galli is an important piece of culinary history of Milan. Of course at Gally’s Pastry you can also find other delicious pastry like the almond paste declined in chocolates, almonds and quince, the Boers and the winter cherry, pralines (almonds, hazelnuts, mint, citrus zest dipped in chocolate), candied fruit (orange, pear, citrus, pineapple), candied violets.

So if you have chance to come to Milan, do not forget to make a stop here!