Always Must-Have: The Multiple by Nars

The Multiple by NARS
The Multiple by NARS

A couple of days ago, I had lunch with my dear friend Patrizia Saolini, which is the founder of Retail Coach. Despite the cold, She looked like just got back from a beach vacation. I wondered why and asked her. She revealed to me her secret: The Multiple by Nars. A multi-purpose stick which you can use alone or over your classic foundation.

Yesterday I bought it and today I have tried. For someone always in a hurry, like me or like her, I discover that the Multiple is a great product to use. It has a transparent and velvety textures that make your look great in less than three minutes.


You can use it for eyes, cheeks, lips and body and it can be applied with fingers: the skin’s warmth allows for perfect blending. Moreover it is enriched with Vitamin E and aca oil for antioxidant benefits.

The color that she used, which is the same that I wanted to try, it is South Beach. In addition to giving to the skin a beautiful bronzed glow, South Beach Multiple is great for the hyper-pigmented skin.