Lost in a bag

louis-vuitton-speedy-bandouliereIn the dark Middle Ages robbers used to say: “Life or bag?”. Are they exactly the same, then? This is really a tough question (Hamlet, listen and learn!)… What would have Carrie Bradshaw answered? And what about Rebecca Bloomwood or Marry Poppins? Her bag could really contain more and more than an entire life!

But in Modern Times robbers go off and that’s it! Do they know what you have inside and what this means to you? Your fave lipstick, your agenda with every important glamour appointment, the brand new polish, the best pocket mirror I could ever (I said ever) find in the world, the vintage scarf you bought with your crazy friends, memories of your first travel abroad, the best candies to swallow before kissing the man of your dreams… robber, do you know what a bag means to a woman? Life! In the Middle Ages people were joking but we are not. And we, girls, do know that we are the only human beings able to put an entire life in a bag. The only beings not only on the Earth but in the Universe (by the way, aliens, you could create whatever you want, be smarter and travel through the Milky Way but you don’t have bags. People on the Earth do it better… and are also better-looking, I’m sorry)

So, robber, if we meet again and you need the tissue, the umbrella, the nail file or the time, ask me whatever you want but, please, just keep in mind that I’ll have everything in my bag but I won’t give you any. Buy a bag and put your life inside!