PrettyBallerinas goes to Hong Kong

Pretty Ballerinas Hong KongPrettyBallerinas, the historical brand of flat shoes from the sunny Menorca, goes to Hong Kong to open its first flagship store in China. If you live in Hong Kong or you’re planning a travel to the East you will find the shop in a prestigious mall: Windsor House (311, Gloucester Road), in the heart of Causeway Bay. I’m sure that shopping lovers have already heard about it because Causeway Bay is the most important area for luxury in the asiatic city. Guess, it overtook Fifth Avenue in New York two years ago.

Lots of shops in the area but it won’t be difficult to find PrettyBallerinas store because it retains all the features that have made the concept famous all around the world: “official” color pink, gold and black, animal prints, romanic details, geometric lines and the unique spanish shoes.

The flagship store in Hong Kong is the second one in Asia, after the recently opening in Tokyo. Asia is very important for the brand strategy and it will be new shops very very soon. We already know that PrettyBallerinas will debut in Thailand in March. The store will be in another luxurious area: Central Mall Embassy in Bangkok. Not bad at all!
And that isn’t it. In few months (late spring) PrettyBallerinas will continue its journey in China with four new openings in Tianjin (a metropolis in northern country), Xi’an (one of the oldest chinese city), Wuhan (the most populous urban area in Central China) and Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan, in Southwest China).
To top it all, the flat shoes brand signed a relationship with the e-commerce chinese platform T-Mall, the most important in China for luxury.