My Experience at The Space, Hair and Beauty Loft in Milan


When you are a woman and a working mother, in July you can usually take the chance to take it easy. And if you are so lucky to have granparents’ support, July is finally a more relaxing month. However, it is necessary not to meet with the most fatal risk: to work without limit. For my part, this happens quite often, as I really love my job. But this year it’s come the time to set some limits and I intend to enjoy this month as a moment to hang out with my friends, to spend more time with my husband and to pamper myself a bit.

foto-4-2Some days ago I happened to find a wonderful place, a space in Milan where at any moment of the day and of the year women can escape for some hours and then to get off of it totally regenerated. It is “The Space”, a hair and beauty loft designed by Abla Barka (the wonderful belgian owner) to let people live a very special experience. I live for fashion and I am consantly in pursuit of new trends, and The Space made me felt right at home. It is a modern, breezy and very chic place, truly unique. A place that until now I have only found abroad.
Entering The Space, I was welcomed by a total white bar and a chaise lounge where I could taste an organic apple and pineapple juice together with a slice of cake made by Cioccolati Italiani’s pastry cheves.

The Space provides services of hairstyle, make-up, beauty and manicure (there are different designated positions for manicure in the loft).

As soon as I arrived, I was directed to the make-up position, where I was given some interesting tips: my light green eyes, for example, are to be brought out through colour shades different from those I am used to.
Going to the manicure, then, I found out that using specific products helps nail varnish to last longer and to have perfect hands for days.

foto-2-11-e1404572959876The best surprise was a cocktail prepared specifically for my hair at the moment of the shampoo: not just a hair conditioner or the usual moisturizer, but a real cocktail of beauty prepared ad hoc for my hair. It was served in a cocktail glass tempting me to taste it!

So, I have finally understood that allowing yourself some time for yourself – which is something that we always say but that we never really do – has its own reasons!