The exhibition on Gianfranco Ferré is coming to Milan and we can’t miss it!

Gianfranco Ferré

I’m really happy to tell you girls that the exhibition “La camicia bianca secondo me. Gianfranco Ferré” is coming to Milan: the meeting is scheduled from March the 10th to April the 1st in the Sala delle Cariatidi at Palazzo Reale.

Gianfranco FerréActually it’s been ages since the debut of the show, which took place almost one year ago at the Museo del Tesuto of Prato and it was expected to come earlier in our city but a series of insurmountable obstacles occurred: first a “mess” with the Camera della Moda, which had blocked the project because linked to the vicissitudes of the Paris Group (in whose orbit the brand was merged), then after the clearance of CNMI, there was a problem with the location, absolutely busy during Milan Fashion Week, but now it’s official: GFF is coming to town!

Curated by Daniela Degl’Innocenti, the exhibition will develop the common thread of the iconic garment of Ferré, the white shirt, which he always described as “a sign of my style” and “contemporary lexicon of elegance“. As corollary of the shirts, drawings, sketches, photos, advertising images, video and other installations will complete the show.

La camicia bianca secondo me. Gianfranco Ferré
La camicia bianca secondo me. Gianfranco Ferré
La camicia bianca secondo me. Gianfranco Ferré

After the 1st of April the exhibition will gain a further opportunity for visibility during the Expo, then, in October, it will be the turn of US with a first stop in Phoenix.

As white-shirt fan and fashion lover I can’t wait to attend the exhibition… what about you, girls?!? Are we gonna meet there?!