Be eco, be glamour!

Dot_Com 2.0 Eco

I’m personally quite concerned about waste management and environment. I prefer not to waste too much (I waste money, a lot, but that does not pollute the world at least) and recycle as much as possible, that’s way the new Dot_Com 2.0 Eco line by Nava Design has won over me!

Yes, you got it. Plastic bottles (whose recycling is around a poor 36% ) are used to produce this new version of the iconic line Dot_Com 2.0: a line of bags and accessories entirely made from sustainable materials (fabric and lining 100%, net 60%), obtained from recycling of PET bottles (16 oz).

It’s 100% eco and it’s super glamour! Four colors (black, ocean, brick and lime) available and different models (backpacks, messenger bags, pen cases,…); obviously as all the products by Nava they are light, practical and ease to use. Believe me: it’s the very must-have for your free time this spring!

Choose yours and shop it right now on! I’m totally in love with my lime backpack.. can’t wait it to use it!

Dot_Com 2.0 Eco - Backpack
Dot_Com 2.0 Eco - Black
Dot_Com 2.0 Eco - Brick
Dot_Com 2.0 Eco - Lime