Online addicted!

With the excuse that we do not have time to go on a shopping spree , shopping during the sales , ” market research ” , call it what you want … my husband and I since before Christmas we got into a vicious cycle that does get at least a pack a week at our house , and that , of course , comes not at the times indicated , so we have to go and retrieve the various post offices in the area, where now we know !

And ‘ unmanageable. I had started with the purchase of meals , treatments, months in the gym , however my husband was launched on dress and , I swear , I think that gives addiction ! It ‘ so easy, fast, do not waste time savings . For now we are full of sneakers since it suffered the Nike shoes, even if you do not practice any sport and swimwear (maybe a little ‘ off season).

I also involved my girls , we found even the clothes with the Hello Kitty brand . Let’s look together on your PC , we choose , we are not in the store so you do not run away , they ‘ make whining or combine disasters and if I’m wrong you can change the size !

I never thought to buy a dress online , I like it so much go to the stores , select , touch the fabrics , try … but if there is no time and you have the option to pay less ….. Well, you see , I autogiustifico …. has become a drug, but it’s fun , try it too! ! !